Welcome to THE

2017 Energy Games.


Our goal at The Energy Games is to bring Houston’s premier CrossFit competition and fitness festival to the center of the city. We offer a beautiful outdoor venue in River Oaks where Houston’s fitness athletes can showcase their hard work and dedication.


Who we are


We are the team who brought you the Vintage Summer Series and other in-house competitions at Vintage CrossFit including the Spicy Summer Showdown and the Wicked Winter Showdown. Our “Showdown” events have evolved into this year’s Energy Games. Our team has been involved in the competitive CrossFit scene since 2008 including volunteering and judging and the CrossFit Games and Regionals. We will draw on our experience to organize Houston’s best fitness competition.

Our team

Dennis Sukholutsky

Dennis Sukholutsky

Individual Event Coordinator

Dennis started competing in CrossFit in 2008 including the South Sectional in 2009. He is the owner of Vintage CrossFit where he helped organize in-house competitions including the Spicy Summer Showdown and Wicked Winter Showdown. His favorite competition he participated in is the Fittest Games.
Justin Avioli

Justin Avioli

Team Event Coordinator

Justin started competing in CrossFit in 2012, but is most known for his 5 second appearance in the "Fittest on Earth" documentary in which he saves Annie Thorsdottir's life from a gate. Besides competition and random acts of bravery, he has been organizing team events (such as the Vintage Summer Series) since 2014 and has a knack for being overly theatrical as an MC. When he is not doing CrossFit, you can find him listening to vinyl records with an ice-cold Coors Light.
Kristie Barnett

Kristie Barnett

Teens Event Coordinator

Kristie began CrossFit in 2012. She obtained her L-1 in 2013 and her Kids Certification in 2014. Kristie has volunteered at Central East Regionals, has been involved in planning and serving as the official scorekeeper for the OV Throwdown, and has judged other competitions including the Wicked Winter Showdown.
Owen Raun

Owen Raun

Masters Event Coordinator

Owen started doing CrossFit workouts in 2010 at the age of 51. He has participated in every CrossFit Open. In 2014 he finished in the top 200 in the 55-59 age group which earned him 4 more WODs in the first CrossFit Master’s “Regional”.  Owen has also participated in several area competitions in both scaled and Masters divisions.

Meet the Competitors – Teams – Kippin’ It Real

Division: Teams Kippin’ It Real Which box do you train at? Chong: Vintage CrossFit Steven: Vintage CrossFit Anthony: Vintage CrossFit Karina: Vintage CrossFit How long have you been doing CrossFit? Chong: Little over one year Steven: 2 years Anthony: 1.5 years Karina: 2 years Is this your first competition? If not what is your most memorable competition you

Meet the Competitors – Teams – AllSport CrossFit

Division: Teams AllSport CrossFit Which box do you train at? AllSport CrossFit How long have you been doing CrossFit? Steven: 5 yr Rahul: 2 yr Lydia: 2.5 yr Is this your first competition? If not what is your most memorable competition you participated in and why? Steven:no, fittest games Rahul: Yes Lydia: Yes Amy: Yes What is